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On the occasion of Venice festivities over the water, BRUSSA IS BOAT offers a special rental service, with/without pilot, to enjoy the events on boat, following a unique Venetian tradition.

Festa della SENSA

FESTA DELLA SENSA – second Sunday of May

This festivity is reminiscent of the moment which made the city of Venice the ruler of the sea: the Marriage of the Sea ceremony reminds of the heroic winning of the Venetian fleet against Dalmatia. Each year then, to celebrate the event, the Doge blessed the sea by throwing a golden ring in the water from the Bucintoro (bucentaur), the state barge. The Marriage of the Sea is still celebrated! With our boats you will follow the boat parade from San Marco basin to San Nicolò church at Lido, to enjoy the celebrations before continuing your visit in the most picturesque sceneries of Venice.




The Vogalonga is one of the most important Venetian events among rowing regattas. It was born in 1974, thanks to a group of Venetians keen on rowing, to retrace the rowing traditions of the Serenissima. Over the years the route has always remained the same: 30 km ca, starting from San Marco basin, then going through canals and the most picturesque isles of the northern lagoon, and heading back to Venice through Cannaregio and up to Punta della Dogana, arrival point of the Vogalonga. You can rent one of our boats to watch the start of the parade and even follow it, exploring the lagoon and taking pictures to keep memory of these “folkloristic moments”.



In the island of Sant’Erasmo, at the Torre Massimiliana, on the second Sunday of May the Feast of the Carciofo Violetto (violet artichoke) takes place, with tasting and sale of local products and traditional dishes, and demonstrations of the various ways of cooking artichokes. Whether driving one of our boats on your own or guided by on of our pilots on a traditional bragozzo, with a brief tour you will explore the island, buy local products and enjoy traditional foods in the shade, anchored in a ghebo in the lagoon, among the blooming barene. You will delight in the wonderful landscape while you refresh now and again with a dip.



FESTA DEL “CRISTO RE” A SANT’ERASMO – first Sunday of June

The Feast of “Cristo Re”, the patron saint, takes place on the first Sunday of June, in Sant’Erasmo’s main square which, during country holidays, leaves aside its calm and private look to turn into a lively lagoon town, able to attract many visitors. Feast program is always rich in cultural, sport, and music events. You can combine a boat tour in the islands of the lagoon park, along the routes of your choice or choosing among the ones we recommend, with a stop-over in Sant’Erasmo to discover this characteristic festival, thus turning your tour into a memorable day.



Every year, the feast for the patron saint San Pietro Apostolo takes place here, keeping the religious, cultural, and folk tradition of the area alive. There are gastronomic stands with traditional food, sport events, games, dances, and shows of all kinds, day and night-time, offering both the residents and the tourists amusement occasions, as well as the opportunity to find out about or rediscover the island’s history and traditions.



Yearly, in the second week of July, the town of Malamocco offers rich programs with leisure activities and cultural events relative to the fecund Venetian tradition. As the story goes, a citizen of Malamocco, Felice Dario, found a log on the water’s edge, probably part of a former boat. The man took the log home to make firewood, but for three times the log disappeared from the house to be found back where it first came out, until a female figure took shape from it, the Virgin Mary. The miracle of the Madonna del “ zocco” has been celebrated since that moment on, later called Madonna di Marina, and every year in July there are celebrations in her honour, during various days, with dances and singings, stage shows and sport competitions. Whether driving a topetta on your own or guided by a pilot on our traditional and elegant bragozzo, you will have the opportunity of personalizing your tour by diving into the attractive scenery of the southern lagoon. When arrived in Malamocco, you will enjoy the water parade evoking the miracle of the Madonna di Marina, the regatta of mascarete, caorline, maciaree, the night fireworks show, and the pastasciutta alla malamocchina, with polenta (corn mush) and fish. By renting one of our boats, you will live an exciting adventure, a unique and memorable experience.



FESTA DEL REDENTORE – third weekend of July

It is the biggest town festival in Venice, attracting both Venetians and tourists, a breathtaking show, the centuries-old renewal of the thanksgiving for the end of a terrible pest. Whether by your own on our traditional boats (topette, zatterini, and mototopi) or guided by our pilots on the traditional bragozzo decorated with branches and colourful baloni, you will live the traditional evening/night with your friends, in St. Mark’s Basin or behind the Giudecca and have a feast while waiting for the fireworks that will light the sky up with their sparkling colours.



This feast celebrates the apparition of the Virgin Mary to a boy, Natalino Scarpa dei Mutti, on August 4th 1716, predicting the victory of Christians over Turks. In addition to the religious events, there are also gastronomic stands with the traditional fish fry, peoci (mussles) just caught by the local fishermen, games, music, and regattas which will liven up the coast. In the night, the fireworks show illuminates the water in front of Piazzale di Ognissanti in Pellestrina. An opportunity for a boat tour to the discover of the southern lagoon and its traditions.



The period of the town festivals dedicated to patron saints closes with the Sagra di Santo Stefano Portosecco, in the island of Pellestrina. Articulated in various days, the festival is organized by the Festivities Committee and its program sees leisure activities of all kinds and for all ages: parades with marching bands, night dances, games, and greasy poles. Moreover, in the water area in front of the island, regattas of mascarete and caorline take place, and in the night this same area sees the fireworks show. Choose between one of our topette and the bragozzo for a boat tour around the octagon islands, fishermen’s casoni, and peocere (mussles’ cultures), among the most evocative landscape views of the southern lagoon, and for an privileged stop-over in Pellestrina.



REGATA STORICA – first Sunday of September

Able to attract both Venetians and tourists, the Regata Storica is an historic parade of traditional sixteenth-century multicoloured boats with costumed gondoliers, lead by the famous Bucintoro (Bucentaur) – the state barge. These boats carries the doge, the dogaressa, and the highest levels of judiciary! The boat parade on the Canal Grande shows the accurate re-enactment of the glorious past of one of the most powerful and influent Maritime republics. After the historical reconstruction, the rowing race starts. The main attraction is the gondolini regatta, drawing yearly hundreds of spectators who stand squeezed-in on the banks or in the boats docked in the Canal Grande, cheering for and giving encouraging shouts to their favourites, while the multicoloured vessels race. Boats start from Sant’Elena, go through Canal Grande, and finish the race at Santa Lucia train station. Renting a boat on this day can be an occasion for a ride together with your family and/or friends, exploring the festival’s preparations. Then, you can dock the boat along Canal Grande’s banks and have a feast while enjoying the wonderful parade.


LA REGATA DI BURANO – third Sunday of September

In Burano, the “Voga alla Veneta” (Venetian rowing) has a centuries-old tradition. In fact, before the invention of motor boats, it constituted the most efficient way to bring fish to the nearby islands and up to Venice. Today this art is practised exclusively as a sport activity, and this is why, on the third Sunday of September, there is the Regata di Burano. It is a traditional race on mascarete with two oars (for women) and on gondole with two oars (for men). The day of the race, immersed in a festive atmosphere, the whole island gets ready to welcome tourists and people from the nearby islands with music and open-air food courts selling delicious fish fry. You can choose between a boat ride on your own on one of our topette and our traditional bragozzo to get to Burano going through Murano and San Francesco del Deserto. Once there, enjoy the fun rowing race in the water area in front of the island. The competition takes place in the afternoon.



The first or second Sunday of October an appreciated festival dedicated to must takes place in Sant’Erasmo, the Festa del “mosto”. Indeed, it is Torbolino, a wine coming from white grapes not fully fermented, which is cloudy, slightly sparkling, and sweetish. This is the perfect occasion for an exciting boat ride in the lagoon, with a stop-over on the island for a pleasant walk among fields and vineyards. Finally, you will reach Piazza della Chiesa where, together with farmers’ green specialities, you will have the opportunity to taste and buy the inebriating mosto (must).

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