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Discovering the southern lagoon, the fortified octagons, and its historic islands

Travel time (navigation only): 4 hrs (day-trip)

Alberoni Ottagono Poveglia San Clemente San Lazzaro

The itinerary starts from our offices, then heads towards Canale della Giudecca to go behind the island and, once passed Canale Fisiol, point the island of San Clemente, where the “Venetian Women Asylum” used to be (da Irene Dalser, ex-partner of Benito Mussolino, was sectioned and eventually died here) and which nowadays hosts a five-star hotel.

Beyond Canale Fisiol, you will encounter Poveglia, the evocative island with its fortified octagon. The island has been renamed “Poveglia per tutti” (Poveglia for all) after the organisation of the same name, born in 2014 to prevent the island’s sale and allow its public consumption instead.

Then you will get to Lido and head south, coasting the ancient and picturesque town of Malamocco. On this section of the itinerary, if you look right, you will see other beautiful octagons: Abbandonato, degli Alberoni, and San Pietro. These fortresses were born under the Serenissima as a defence against enemy ships.

Proceeding along Canale di Malamocco you will reach the Alberoni, at Lido’s extremity, with the WWF oasis: a nature reserve covered with dunes, among the highest in the High Adriatic Sea, on which many species of vegetation grow, while on the shore bird species such as the Kentish plover and the little tern can be observed.

When reached the Bocca di Porto di Malamocco, you will see the lighthouses Faro Rocchetta and Faro Spignon, and the control tower which assists the captains of the ships entering the harbour. The “Mose”, a major public work designed to defend the lagoon against high tide, is also visible here.

You will return along the same coast to get to the island of Lazzaretto Vecchio (the first lazaretto in history, established by the Serenissima in 1423 to quarantine people and goods coming from infected areas) then, turning right, you will arrive to the island of San Lazzaro degli Armeni with its monastery. Here you can visit the beautiful gardens, the convent halls, and the wonderful library where manuscripts, artefacts, and the mummy of Nehmeket are kept.

On board again, you will pass through the islands of San Servolo and La Grazia to get to the Giudecca, where you will see Molino Stucky, the ancient mill which today hosts an important hotel chain.

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