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To the islands of Treporti, between salt pans and farm holidays

Travel time (navigation only): 6 hrs (day-trip)

Bacan Saline San Michele Barene

The itinerary starts from our offices, going along Canale delle Sacche, Fondamenta Nuove, and the Arsenale walls. From here, you will pass the islands of La Certosa (entrance of the lagoon park) and of Le Vignole, and the fortress of Sant’Andrea, then getting to the Bocca di Porto del Lido, one of the three ways out on the sea where the “Mose”, the major public work designed to defend the lagoon against high tide, is located.

In front, you will see Punta Sabbioni, the extremity of the coast of Cavallino, which separates the lagoon from the sea. In this section of the coast, inside its valleys, there are many farm holidays which are worthy of a stop-over to taste the seasonal local dishes.

At the entrance of Canale di Treporti, on your left, there is the Bacan, a sandy shallows area where little terns get together in the Fall, while on your right there is Treporti, a residential area on three islands: from south to north, Portosecco, Isola della Chiesa, and Saccagnana, spaced out by the canals Pordelio, Portosecco, and Saccagnana.

After passing the “Ricevitoria” (where “Treporti” ACTV stop is), you will proceed on Canale di San Felice, where the landscape is particularly interesting as regard to wildlife, with numerous bird species living here. By taking Canal Riga, you will get to the ex-salt pans and to the island of Salina, which used to host the headquarters of a salt-production plant, behind which you will see the solitary outline of the island of Santa Cristina.

From here you will come back to Venice. Once get again to the “Ricevitoria”, you will turn on Canale di Burano and arrive in Torcello – one of the most famous islands of the lagoon. The island dates back to Roman age, but it is remembered with relation to the barbarian invasions.

At the end of the itinerary, you will pass Burano, Santa Caterina swamp, and then take Canale San Giacomo pointing Murano, in order to finally get back to Venice.

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