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SOUTHERN LAGOON AN THE ANCIENT FISHERMEN’S VILLAGES: San Pietro in Volta, Portosecco e Pellestrina

Travel time (navigation only): 6 hrs (day-trip)

Murazzi Pellestrina Ca' Roman

Your itinerary starts from Cannaregio Canal, heading towards the southern lagoon. Along the route, you will catch sight of the deserted islands of Sant’Angelo della Polvere and Campana. On the right, you will coast the casse di colmata, reclaimed lagoon areas where, in past, it was supposed to be built the third industrial area of Venice. In Spring this area is full of Yellow-legged gull’s nests, while in Summer the Mediterranean gull, with its red beak, can be observed.

Once arrived at the Bocca di Porto di Malamocco, by turning right you will see the coastline of Pellestrina, with its short and coloured houses and the fishing boats aligned along the shore, giving an outside-of-time atmosphere to the entire place. Here the relationship between man and lagoon is still conditioned by the cycles of agriculture and fishing, and the fried fish aroma and that of the traditional mixed grills is everywhere. Coasting the island you will see the picturesque towns of San Pietro in Volta, Portosecco, and Pellestrina, with the churches of Sant’Antonio, Santa Maria dell’Apparzione, and Ognissanti. At the southernmost end of the island there is the nature reserve of Ca’Roman, a LIPU natural oasis (which is worthy of a small excursion) very interesting for the many migratory bird species nesting here.

The itinerary goes back coasting the imposing structure of the Murazzi, built to protect the coast from the erosive action of the sea. You will pass through the Bocca di Porto di Malamocco and, coasting starboard, arrive in the small town of the same name, where you can stop over for a nice walk among campielli and gardens to enjoy the view of the fortress’ ruins and the old bridge.

On board again, you will coast the Lido and the island of the Lazzaretto Vecchio, turning left on Canale del Lazzaretto, where the island with the ancient monastery of San Lazzaro degli Armeni is located. After that, you will keep navigating up to San Marco basin, where you will admire the magnificent Piazza San Marco, Punta della Dogana, and the island of San Giorgio Maggiore.

Finally, you will go back through Canale della Giudecca, with the church of Redentore and the Molino Stucky, the ancient mill where everyday tons of wheat used to be grinded and which has been magnificently restored and nowadays hosts the Hilton Hotel.

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