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BRUSSA IS BOAT offers a service of boat rental with pilot for your visit to Venice lagoon. You will sail on a glorious “bragosso”, a boat popular since the Second World War and now almost disappeared. Today just a few of these boats are still in activity.

It was the utmost fishing boat everywhere in the High Adriatic Sea, well-know for its colourful decorations painted on the pitch-black sides.

BUSSA IS BOAT’s bragozzo “Magna Sionère” has just been restored in the Burano boatyard by the famous boat expert Agostino Amadi.

On the bragozzo “Magna Sionère” you will delight in the beautiful views of the lagoon, discovering magic islands, fortifications, lighthouses, and picturesque villages. Thanks to its flat bottom we will go easily on shallow waters, through ghebi, velme, and brakish barene, strewed with limonium, glasswort, and cordgrass, which colour in purple these unspoilt areas, and we will look at little egrets, herons, and pink flamingos flying.

Choose the itinerary you prefer or pick one among those we recommend, nature trails or historic-archaeological ones, whether for few hours or for a day-trip. You can have either packed lunch on board or eat in one of the authentic farm holidays where we will stop by to taste the delicious local dishes.

Browse the “Maps & Itineraries” page of this website and pick the one you like the most! This way, you can celebrate an anniversary, a birthday, a special event or organize a lunch, pic-nic, an aperitif, whether with your family or with friends. Also, you can spend romantic evenings while cruising in the moonlight, accompanied by the sound of water.

Don’t hesitate to contact us: we will be glad to help you personalising your wonderful adventure!


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